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Announcement: Air Force Global Strike Command launched a $1.8M partnership with, with the award of a two-year Tactical Funding Increase (TACFI) contract. You can read about it here.

SEMPRE surety means no data loss.

SEMPRE surety:

Materiel, personnel, and procedures that contribute to the security, safety, and reliability of data and infrastructure; the assurance that there will be no data loss or complete infrastructure failure.

Connecting to our SEMPRE micro edge datacenter not only puts you in control of your most valuable asset — your data — it ensures continuity of operations.

Our adversaries and strategic competitors will increasingly use cyber capabilities—including cyber espionage, attack, and influence—to seek political, economic, and military advantage over the United States and its allies and partners.

Director of National Intelligence

Senate Select Committee on Intelligence Report 2019

What makes SEMPRE unique?

When it comes to security, the SEMPRE team understands government agencies are bombarded with constant cyberattacks from Nation States and bad actors. The existing network infrastructure is not sufficient.

DoD members are frustrated by a lack of resilient technology that stays connected, interoperate and communicates securely.

After years of observing telcos who are more concerned with faster smartphones than securing infrastructure, our team developed a revolutionary solution that works with both existing networks or as a standalone solution.

SEMPRE is a new kind of datacenter that ensures government agencies and DoD members complete the mission—anytime, anywhere, in even catastrophic conditions—by offering high-performance heterogeneous edge computing and a full private 5G network with near-zero latency, all in a HEMP-hardened enclosure.

As a trusted DoD vendor, we demonstrate survivable connectivity and secure data processing that promises continuity of operations.

SEMPRE offers the only interoperable and survivable product portfolio —that is fast and easy to deploy, in both mobile and fixed options.

Our SEMPRE micro edge datacenter is EMP hardened and combines a full PRIVATE 5G network with an edge data center. Connecting to our SEMPRE micro edge datacenter not only puts you in control of your most valuable asset — your data — it ensures continuity of operations.

SEMPRE offers


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Connected. Persistent. Survivable. Available in fixed and mobile solutions

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Designed to enable multi-tenant secure operations

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Optimized for high-performance low latency computation use cases

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Scalable and energy-efficient heterogeneous edge computing

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Hardened to withstand HEMP & Carrington Events

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Simplified interoperable communications

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SEMPRE brings more than security to your mission.


As the SEMPRE micro edge datacenter ages and improved tech becomes available, upgrades are made.


SEMPRE micro edge datacenter are resilient and will work through man-made and natural disasters.


SEMPRE micro edge datacenter are built to integrate seamlessly, and secure existing networks.