Announcement: Air Force Global Strike Command launched a $1.8M partnership with, with the award of a two-year Tactical Funding Increase (TACFI) contract. You can read about it here.

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Product Datasheet (SEMPRE F & T)

Connect, protect and secure what matters most: information and communication vital to critical infrastructure. SEMPRE creates a resilient secure private 5G network, in both fixed and mobile configurations.

Product Portfolio for DoD

Warfighters need resilient technology that stays connected, interoperates and communicates securely. SEMPRE T Mobile Edge-On-the-Move (EOTM) datacenters ensure military members complete the mission—anytime, anywhere, in even austere conditions.

Product Portfolio

Unpredictable Happens. People need to stay connected especially in the worst-case scenario. SEMPRE ensures communication is always available, always connected, always secure—so life runs interrupted.

Secure Private 5G: what is the definition of secure?

A secure network means data is protected from both insiders and outsiders, and achieves the four basic security goals: authentication, authorization, privacy and integrity.

SEMPRE nodes: not just another datacenter

SEMPRE hardware protects what matters most, so communication keeps going when it matters most.